About Hospitality & Tourism Department

Two BVoc courses sponsored by UGC opened in 2018 i.e., Hospitality and tourism. In the next year both the courses became affiliated under the University of Calcutta. There are many opportunities for students to work with our faculty to improve their quality of learning. In every year there is one or two excursion for the students of the said department. It is run by two faculty members, Some SACTs and Guest Lecturers.


No Name & Designation Contact Information Designation Specialization achievements Interest areas & Other related information
Dr Prosenjit Mukherjee, MSc, PhD
Email Id : prosenjitmukherjee5@gmail.com
Contact No : 9830158191
  1. Specialization : Accountancy
  2. Vidwan Profile : Click Here
Rajib Debnath, MPA
Email Id : rajib.deb.academy@gmail.com
Contact No : 9088891828
College Payee Contractual Teacher
  1. Specialization : Hospitality
Shibalik Choudhury, MTA
Email Id : shibalik13@gmail.com Guest Lecturer